Apple Keynote Bingo, September 2020

Sep 13, 2020 • Extra Ordinary

Apple’s “Time Flies” event is less than two days away. I decided to bring back Apple Keynote Bingo.

It’s been a few years since the last one so most of these squares are all-new to reflect the evolving executive team and presentation style. On the left, we have the trail of products that have been heavily rumored that have yet to see the light of day: AirTags, the iPhones 12 and AirPower. A number of new squares were added to reflect the last virtual event: a serious opening monologue, Tim Cook alone on stage and an aerial tour of Apple Park. Greg Jozwiak is the new SVP of Worldwide Marketing and thus his odd taste in patterned shirts has replaced Phil Schiller’s square. Apple TV+ is close to celebrating its first anniversary, so I fully expect them to play some Season 2 trailers for their biggest shows that were absent from WWDC—The Morning Show and See.

Some of the safer squares on the board: everybody knows new iPads and Apple Watches are coming (the event is called ‘Time Flies’ for crying out loud). Their fancy new Apple Store inside a glass orb floating in the ocean deserves a great cinematic introduction video. They are always glad to give an environmental report card on their products so I anticipate a segment on that. Finally, their Apple One services bundle has been leaked by Apple themselves, so it would definitely be odd not to have some news there.

Print one out and play along.

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