Boneless Chicken Wings Are Better

Oct 3, 2020 • Extra OrdinaryAnd More

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Chicken wing enthusiasts may frequently deride boneless chicken wings. I strongly believe they are a superior food for the following reasons:

  1. They are easier to eat.
  2. Many wing restaurants sell wings by mass. When you order bone-in wings you are paying for less chicken. A significant portion of the mass is inedible.
  3. Boneless chicken wings have less tendons, muscles and fat.

This is my response to their common criticisms of what I consider a superior food.

Boneless chicken wings are just big saucy chicken nuggets.

First of all, no, chicken nuggets have inferior breading and highly processed meat. Second, even if this were the case, who ever wanted to add bones to chicken nuggets?

Boneless chicken wings cost more.

As stated earlier, a pound of boneless chicken wings contains more edible chicken than a pound of bone-in chicken wings because there aren’t any bones.

Boneless chicken wings are more processed.

This varies by restaurant. At Buffalo Wild Wings? Sure, their wings are noticeably processed. At Wings Over? I disagree. Their boneless wings have the texture and consistency of a regular chicken breast that has been battered and fried. If it is processed meat, it is certainly processed to a low degree.

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