No Longer Open For Business

Feb 3, 2022 • Extra Ordinary

As of December you can find my writing here on Extra Ordinary republished on Open For Business, a local online magazine I joined as contributor. As of January I have resigned from my position as contributor; my 2022 rumor roundup is my first and last article to be published there.

I do not want my writing to be published alongside COVID- and vaccine-related skepticism and misinformation. Reading about Neil Young and Joni Mitchell taking a similar moral stand, pulling their music from Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, makes me feel even better about my decision.

I am obviously not on the same league as Neil Young nor Joni Mitchell. I was not contributing to Open For Business long enough to even be paid for the single article I wrote. Cutting a connection, especially when it is one of few connections I have, is nonetheless a challenging decision to make.

You can continue to read Extra Ordinary here. If you ask me, the typography is better, anyways.

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