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The CultCast is the best 30-plus minute Apple conversation you’re going to hear all week. Hosted by podcaster, Erfon Elijah; managing editor, Lewis Wallace and peasant writer, yours truly.

We talk through the top stories of the week from Cult of Mac, and if we really have to, from one of those other Apple news websites that don’t exist.

You can watch The CultCast stream on YouTube every Thursday at 3:30 Eastern to join the discussion live or you can catch up later in your podcast app. Honestly, audio listeners aren’t missing much.



Wikireadia was a show where I would narrate Wikipedia articles top to bottom, every single week. Articles were hand picked from my own spelunking through the site.

For some inscrutable reason, I was able to keep this going for two and a half years straight.

To browse through all 128 episodes, I recommend starting from one of these playlists: