The Gentleman Pirate, Stede Bonnet

Jun 4, 2022 • Wikireadia

Stede Bonnet (1688 – 10 December 1718) was an early 18th-century Barbadian pirate, sometimes called “The Gentleman Pirate” because he was a moderately wealthy land-owner before turning to a life of crime. Bonnet was born into a wealthy English family on the island of Barbados, and inherited the family estate after his father’s death in 1694. On November 21, 1709, twenty-one-year-old Stede Bonnet married sixteen-year-old Mary Allamby.

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Stede Bonnet, Surrender of Bonnet, from the Pirates of the Spanish Main series for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes
Allen & Ginter, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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