The Canonical List of All-In-One Macs

Dec 1, 2022 • Extra Ordinary

The all-in-one computer has been a staple of the Mac since its inception.

It was the only form factor available until the Macintosh II debuted in 1987. The Macintosh then grew into a large family of (arguably too many) different models — but at any point in time, Apple has offered an all-in-one Mac as a simple home computer for the average consumer.

Here’s the definitive continuity:

  1. The Macintosh
  2. The Macintosh 512K
  3. The Macintosh Plus
  4. The Macintosh SE and SE/30
  5. The Macintosh Classic and Classic II
  6. The Macintosh Color Classic and Color Classic II
  7. The Macintosh LC 500
  8. The Power Macintosh 5200, 5400 and 5500
  9. The iMac G3
  10. The iMac G4
  11. The iMac G5
  12. The Intel iMac
  13. The Aluminum iMac
  14. The Unibody iMac
  15. The Slim iMac
  16. The Retina iMac
  17. The Apple Silicon iMac

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